From The Pit


This is "From The Pit," where we talk musical theatre. From overtures to exit music and everything in between. 

(1.06) Small Spaces - Studio 58

It seems like in every city there are production companies popping up everywhere that want to produce shows that speak to them. But not every company has the budget, or space to produce a Broadway size show.  In New York the shows that really bring in the audiences are big budgets in big theatres with big casts and big orchestras.

In Vancouver there aren't many companies that have large budgets or spaces to produce such big shows. So there is a movement to rethink or reimagine large Broadway shows for the small stage and in some cases just a small room.

In Vancouver Studio 58 at Langara College is a well know acting program and they have been successfully staging musicals in their quite famous black box basement theatre for many years.

42nd Street is the next musical opening this February in what is their 51st season of shows.  On today's episode we talk to the Associate Director David Hudgins and Artistic Director Kathyrn Shaw about producing musicals in this unique space.